A pictorial biography “told” with the dynamics of yourown history.

 Map the journey of your own biography. Breath your  spirit into your past, let us preserve it for those you love.

  Memorialize the small loving and dear moments of your life. To hold and reflect upon until the end of time.

 Unite your immediate and extended families with our playful event productions for all to share our.

De Rose Ancestors 1880-1919
De Rose Ancestors 1880-1919

 Traditional Films and photos deteriorate.  By scanning and saving your favorite videos, movies and photographs onto a DVD it gives you one of the most reliable stable systems for archiving your memories.  A DVD is lightwieght, durable and it can be packaged, transported or mailed easily and is cost effective. A CD/DVD has a life expectancy of about 100 years.

 Our staff of artists, film and graphic engineers, photographers and music/audio mixers work together to create a unforgettable and lasting memoir of your life or event. 

 We take your collection of photos, slides, old movies and pieces of memorabilia to create your presentation.  This presentation will include;  text, graphics, period music, your scanned photos (photo optimization, edge trimming, rotation editing, directional editing, color adjustments, tonal adjustments), digitized movie and/or video clips combined with our extra animation effects and stunning backrounds.

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A great story, is your story.